Cashflow Management

Cashflow Management

There is no arguing that cash is the lifeblood of a business. When times are tough, what separates resilient companies from others is superior working capital performance. Along with ensuring having enough cash for the short term, companies also must strategically manage their working capital to build resilience for the longer term.

Make every penny of working capital really work for you.

A-Plus Bookkeeping has the right solution to help you unlock cash that’s tied up in your working capital. We deploy a cross-functional and holistic approach to identify, advise, and implement ways to improve your cash flow across receivables, payables, and inventory management processes.

Receivables Optimization

Within order-to-cash, we can analyse internal and external data and help you reduce lost revenue and improve working capital by prioritising customers that pay on time. …………………..

Payables Optimization

Within procure-to-pay, we can help you rationalize payment terms with suppliers, optimize supplier base and buying channels, reduce duplicate payments and ensure contract compliance.

Inventory Optimization

Within supply chain, we can help you manage inventory better and improve on-time orders, with more thorough sales planning, advanced demand-forecasting techniques, and order-backlog analysis.


We bring in driver-based cash-flow forecasting using AI and machine learning to enable forecasts in real time, support short-term investment needs, and boost longer-term business resilience.

Talk to us today: we can certainly find the hidden cash in your business.