STEP 1: We’re looking for serious candidates

Like all business opportunities you need to reassure yourself and your advisors that you have fully investigated the business. To be sure that you are aware of the mutual obligations that exist in a bookkeeping franchise business it is highly recommended that you seek independent legal and business advice during your investigations.

The core element in any business success is the commitment of the business operator. This means A-Plus Bookkeeping needs to select franchise candidates rather than take just anyone who comes along. We need to be assured that every franchisee can maintain the business performance standards we require as a professional network. So, before you sign anything or pay us a single cent, we both need to be confident that this is the right step for you.

STEP 3: Submit initial enquiry

  • Send us initial enquiry and one of our team representatives will be in touch with you withing 24hours.

STEP 5: Franchise application form

You have had an overview of A-Plus Bookkeeping and you would like to find out more. By completing the Franchise Application Form you will be able to gain further understanding on what is required to join the A-Plus Bookkeeping team.

STEP 7: Complete Due Diligence

The Franchising Code of Conduct requires both parties to do their due diligence.  This gives you the opportunity to contact franchise owners and ask them about their experience.  Take advantage of these discussions – spend plenty of time doing this, take notes and explore the elements of the business that excite you.  This also gives A-Plus Bookkeeping the opportunity to contact your references listed.  This is a crucial step to ensure that A-Plus Bookkeeping is the perfect fit for you and you are the perfect fit for us

STEP 9: Sign Franchise Agreement

After meeting day, you will be emailed a Franchise agreement to sign.

STEP 10: Launch your business.

STEP 2: Self-assessment

Ask yourself important questions before you join us.

  • Do you enjoy freedom?
  • Are you interested in working with small businesses?
  • Do you want to work from home and be part of great brand?
  • Do you enjoy learning?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with others?
  • Do you enjoy solving problems?
  • Do you being challenged to grow?

If you do, you are on right track.

STEP 4: Initial telephone discussion

  • Once we receive your initial enquiry form, one of our recruitment team members will call you for informal chat.

STEP 6: Disclosure document

Upon sending the franchise application form to us, you will receive a confidential disclosure document.

STEP 8: Meeting Day

This is your opportunity to meet our executive team in person and/or via zoom and ask the tough questions.  Once you are approved to attend our meeting day, should you have a partner, we encourage you to include your partner so they can gain a better understanding of the A-Plus bookkeeping business.     

STEP 9: Commence Training & online assessment

Training will commence for 3 weeks after signing the agreement.

You will be given login details to log in to training portal and complete online assessments. This training is compulsory to maintain A-Plus Bookkeeping services standard.

A Proven Business Model for Success

In addition to operating as a distinctive, highly-recognised and already established brand, Avanti franchisees benefit from a proven model of success, along with bespoke bookkeeping systems, marketing support, training, ongoing business support and development. This unique opportunity also includes a license to operate a successful business networking group within your territory, which will not only enable you to connect with like-minded business people, but also emphasises the local community support that Avanti holds as its core value.

Providing much more than just bookkeeping advice, Avanti take our clients’ interests to heart, proactively recommending value-added solutions that enable businesses to free up their valuable time and resources and get on with what they do best – running their business.

Different Kind of Bookkeeping Firm!

A modern firm with traditional values, Avanti is your perfect partner for establishing a bookkeeping business of your very own.
Proud to defy traditional accountancy stereotypes with our vibrant, open, down to earth approach, and practical jargon-free advice, we are offering the chance for you to run your own business with the full backing of a successful working bookkeeping and accountancy practice behind you. If you are a bookkeeper in industry or practice wishing to run your own business, or a commercially-minded individual seeking a profitable, saleable business model, then we want to hear from you,