Medical & Healthcare Industry

Medical & Healthcare Industry

As with any industry, medical centres have a number of unique bookkeeping challenges and requirements.

Being a doctor, dentist or any other medical professional, patient care is your top most priority; however, managing a successful healthcare business also demands accurate maintenance of financial records and proper compliance with taxes.

  • Has your medical business been facing a tough time in keeping up with accounting and bookkeeping?
  • Have you been looking guidance with respect to the accounting part of your business ownership?

We at A-Plus Bookkeeping provide specialist accounting services for medical practitioners across Australia. To successfully fulfill the requirements of our medical accounting clientele, our team of professionals has established customized accounting services for dentist, doctors as well as other practitioners.

Common Bookkeeping Problems for Medical Practitioners

In addition to the challenges posed by low margins, many medical businesses encounter one or more of the following bookkeeping problems.

  • Incorrect BAS Lodgements
  • Payroll issues
  • Inadequate stocktake
  • Lack of planning
  • Inadequate documentation

By outsourcing your medical bookkeeping tasks to A-Plus Bookkeepers, you can be confident you won’t face the same problems or risk the same consequences.

Why switch to A-Plus Bookkeeping

  • Our solutions are intended to consolidate the business aspect of your medical practice by offering comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation services.
  • Our Specialist bookkeepers are expert in assisting healthcare practitioners in reducing their taxes, improving cashflow, and managing the financial data.
  • We are familiar with your challenges and make use if several techniques to alleviate individuals as well as business tax burdens.
  • Having more than 5 years of experience in the medical field, our in-house team can provide you with superior financial services integrated with advanced reporting solutions.

What A-Plus Bookkeeping has to offer

• We ensure you are using the right medical bookkeeping software to suit your business’s unique needs.
• We offer an all-inclusive fixed fee for accounts, taxation and general advice with unlimited email and telephone support.
• Cashflow forecasting on a weekly basis can be a great benefit to your practice and we ensure you are able to pay your employees and suppliers in a timely manner.
• We offer cost control with budgeting and variance analysis. It involves planning your costs and allocating appropriate monies.
• By utilising a professional medical bookkeeping services to assist you with payroll and scheduling, you can be confident your practice will be better prepared to handle and mitigate all of these common staffing and compliance challenges.
• Preparation of the annual accounts on a timely basis.
• Meetings at your premises with a Certified Accountant who will discuss the accounts in detail with you.
• Additional advice given on all aspects of GP finance, including mergers, premises reimbursements, employment status of locums, personal medical services, extra income generation, etc.

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